What Clients Have Said About My Writing…

“We loved it! I definitely cried and Charles teared up. I can’t say thank you enough Kathleen!!”–Laura Black, The Mason Jar by Fatboys

“Thanks so much, Kathleen! It was a great article and appreciate your support! Actually, somebody dropped off several copies to us yesterday afternoon and we were so pleased!!!”–Winter Fox and Jeff Corbett, Classic Coffee (renamed Highfalutin Coffee in 2019)

“Thank you so much – your review is fantastic!!!   I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope others will too : )   It’s usually quite difficult for artists to describe the indescribable (I’m in that category) so when someone “gets it” such as yourself, it’s very rewarding.”Mary-Ann Prack

“Thank you SO much Kathleen… We enjoyed the article very much, you’re awesome!”Thomas and Judy Heath, Playwrights in Residence, Threshold Repertory Theater

“Just got home and had a chance to read your work! You’re fantastic! I love the way you put it all together.”Doris Colbert Kennedy

“Thanks Kathleen for the great article!”Luckhaus & Brubaker Sweets & Treats

“We wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful and informative article about us and the juice joint. We have received tremendous feedback from so many people in the community as well as friends and family from everywhere…thank you!”–Mike & Wendy Ezelle, The Juice Joint

“We just wanted to thank you again for the very kind article, you did an amazing job!! We’ve already seen business come in from people who enjoyed the article! Thank you, Thank you!!”–Shell & Emily, Butter Blossoms Bakery

“Thank you so much, the article is great. We really appreciate the exposure.  Please be in touch if we can be of help in the future.”–Kat, YoBo Cantina Fresca

“Thank you for the fantastic article!  I have already heard from neighbors that they have read it and it has prompted them to get out and Spay-ghetti! Thank you SOOOO much for the wonderful coverage of Spay-ghetti.  Great writing.”  —-Pamela Rhodes-Priore, Pet Helpers Outreach Coordinator

 “I love the story! Thank you so much!” –Ali Karamsichani, Sushi Ninja

“Wonderfully written article!! Thanks for the coverage.”Carolina Creole

“Your article capture the spirit of what we intend to do. Thank you again.” –Teca and Irece, Brazilianuts

 “Wow!  Thanks for the flattering article!  It was a pleasure meeting with you, and again thank you!”—Brad Pitner, The Coastal Cupboard

“Thank you so much for coming out, we’ve been getting a ton of good feedback thanks to your article!”Ladles James Island

“Thanks so much for the article. It says everything I’d want it to and in a way I never could. Thanks again and I hope to work with you in the future. “—Sarah at Charleston Chops/Charleston Woodworks

‘The article is awesome! Thank you so, so much! “—Carla, CarlaBakes