Post 1001: Thank you

Well I’ve reached post 1001 for Easily Confused Words. My to-do list isn’t over, but I wanted to acknowledge another milestone for this blog series. So I am taking a moment to say:

Thank you so much for reading.

Photo from Pexels.

When I initially started blogging here, I started with current events and how I felt about them. I quickly learned that, as good as it feels to write, that’s not really captivating, “come back for more” reading. The viewing stats affirmed that.

So I tried to find a way to square my interests and background with something that would be useful, engaging, and entertaining. I’ve always been interested in words and language. I studied advertising, journalism, and graphic design in school. I’ve worked in local food journalism and technical writing.

Initially “Easily Confused Words” posts involved cheesy puns on twitter, and up to four words.

Along the way:

  • I scrapped the cheesy humor
  • I realized two word comparisons would be better. Keep it simple.
  • On rare occasions where homophones and homographs align, up to three words in a post, but no more than that.
  • Posts that refer to the same words, or other similar words, needed links at the bottom to those posts.

And the stories were to be an example of the two words in action. It was a challenge, and a way to write at least one piece of “short, spontaneous fiction” several days a week. No matter what your professional tasking is at any given time, something that is a creative diversion is fun to just go with, or take for a drive.





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