Easy is often used in tandem with convenient.

Easy implies simplicity.

And if something isn’t hard, why not do it?

Aren’t we fools for not doing what comes easiest?

Actually, no, but it can seem that way at first.

Why not throw trash out the window of a moving vehicle? 

Why not eat drive thru or prepackaged food every day and night? 

Why not put off necessary responsibilities things when you’re not in the mood to do them?

Why not take the people in our lives for granted? 

Why learn new skills when your job pays pretty good and you never liked school before?

Why start working on a project early?

Why not stay in bed instead of going to work or school?

Why speak up when I might endure ridicule, embarrassment, or backlash? Who is even listening? What is the point?

Why not avoid confrontation?

All of the above “whys” are easy choices to make in the moment. But they’re not wise.

Easy isn’t censored, though it is, literally, a four-letter word. But like expletives (four letter words) that are censored, it should give us pause. Easy isn’t innocent or harmless. It’s effects are just slow to show themselves.

Taking the easy route is a shortcut to a pointless, wasted life.


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