Easily Confused Words: Jig vs. Gig

Jig and Gig are easily confused words.

They are not homophones, but:

  • they have the same amount of letters
  • they share two letters in the same order “i-g”
  • their first letters tend to be pronounced the same way, or similarly, in many different words. For example, there’s good, and there’s justice, but then there’s gentle and gigantic. “?”

Jig is a noun, it means a dance. There’s other meanings to jig, used in fishing, building objects, but interestingly, there’s back and forth movement involved at some level.

Gig is a noun, it means a temporary job, a short-term work assignment, or an individual music, drama, or dance performance.


The following sentence uses both words correctly:

His inhibitions thrown to the wind, Andrew danced a jig at the end of his band’s last gig. It had been quite a wild ride.


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