Easily Confused Words: Suite vs. Sweet

Suite and Sweet are homophones and easily confused words.

Suite is a noun, meaning a set of rooms all connected to each other for temporary living quarters. Suites are typically found in hotels, motels, dormitories, cruise ships, or other non-permanent accommodations. They have individual sleeping spaces and restroom spaces, then a communal meeting space in the center where people talk, eat, watch TV, etc.

Suite can also mean a set of musical or art pieces meant to reflect a universal theme, they are meant to be enjoyed as a set, not necessarily individually.

Sweet is an adjective, referring to pleasing flavor, disposition or behavior.  Sweet flavors include honey, maple syrup, and sugar or nectar-like tastes.  A person with a sweet disposition is always a pleasure to be around, kind and generous.

Sweet! is a slang exclamation when a scenario works out really well for someone and they can’t contain their enthusiasm or can’t believe their luck. Dictionary.com says this usage dates back to the 1950s, but personally, I recall it being popularized around the recent millennium (late 90s-early 2000s.) This was captured in films like 2000’s Dude, Where’s My Car? 

The following story uses both words correctly:

Seymour got a sweet surprise for his anniversary date! The hotel said the only room available was a penthouse suite on the top floor, and it wouldn’t cost more than the average room rate.


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