Easily Confused Words: Bore vs. Boar

Bore and Boar are easily confused words. The autocorrect function on mobile phones, and spell-check applications in word-processing programs won’t necessarily catch a slip-up of these words. If it’s a word and that word is spelled correctly, even if it’s totally wrong contextually, spell-check keeps looking. Autocorrect interjects what word it thinks you want after you’ve typed 2-3 letters. Sometimes it’s right, but quite often it’s wrong.


Bore is a verb with multiple meanings. First, it means to be dull, uninteresting, and even sleep-inducing.

Secondly, it means to drill a hole in a surface.

Bore can also be a noun. When you find something, or someone, not that interesting to listen to, that thing or that person is being a “bore.”


Boar is a noun with a couple meanings, both relate to pigs. In domesticated pigs (aka farm animals), a boar is a fertile male. In nature, a boar is a wild pig.  Boars in the wild usually have thick, shaggy fur, big tusks, and can be anywhere from 200-400 pounds.


The following story uses both words correctly:

Beauregard thought his Civil War lectures were captivating. Actually, his students were bored out of their minds and praying something would interrupt them, like an escaped boar bursting in at any moment.



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