Easily Confused Words: Premier vs. Premiere

Premier and premiere are homophones and easily confused words. The spell-check of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up among these two words. As long as it’s a word and it is spelled correctly, spell-check keeps on scanning the document.

Premier is a noun, meaning the head of the cabinet in some countries’ governments, like France and Italy. This role is equivalent to the Prime Minister.

Premiere is a noun. It means the first appearance or debut of an art display, a live theater performance, a dance performance, or a film’s first showing in a cinema.  Premiere can also be a verb, meaning when a performance or film making its debut to audiences.

Both premier and premiere stem from primary, which means first.

The following sentence uses both words correctly:

The premier of Angeleria* had planned to attend the premiere of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but an earthquake in her home country changed her plans.

*=fictional country

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