Easily Confused Words: Through vs. Thought vs. Though

Though, Through, and Thought are easily confused words, but they are not homophones. They use a lot of the same letters. This makes them confusing, it’s easy to type one when you actually meant one of the others.

Though is a conjunction, like “and” “but” and “or”. It is used when the writer wants to point out a problem, a conflict, or counterpoint.

Through is a preposition, a word that can modify verbs, nouns, or adjectives. Prepositions indicate relationships. Through indicates completing something start to finish, or point of origin to destination.

Thought is a noun and a verb. As a noun, a thought is a unit of thinking. As a verb, it’s the act of thinking now or at any point in the past.

Here’s a sample sentence using all three words correctly:

Though Danielle had thought through every possible scenario, Theo brought up lots of problems with her ideas at the meeting.



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