In the Media, Virtual Coach Pep Talk

What’s My Motivation?

Dan Pink posted a TED talk by Dan Ariely today. It’s definitely worth watching.

If you enjoyed the cake mix story Ariely recounts, I am pretty sure it’s included with other funny stories in “From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Pearl Harbor” by Jerry Della Femina. When an adman or woman writes a book, the backstory about client products, research, case studies,brainstorming, pitching, and how the public responded are some of the best parts. Another good ad memoir is “Hey Whipple Squeeze This” by Luke Sullivan.

If I think of other fun to read ad memoirs I will add them to this post.

FOLLOWUP: Paul Arden has two little books full of big ideas: It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be, and Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite.

Just Musing

Mothering, Nursing, Teaching

This year, 2013, National Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the week preceding Mother’s Day in the US all coincided. Though it’s the 21st century, old habits and expectations die hard—gender’s links to certain professions persist. 

In light of this week’s multiple gratitude and recognitions for nurses, teachers, and mothers  I just wanted to add one thing:

You don’t have to be female to be a teacher, nurse, midwife, or even a mother. 

What is required for these roles? Caring, nurturing, teaching, and wanting to help a person, other creature or creation anyway you can, or in order to help him/her/it reach fruition.

Flowers, cards, and all the little tokens a recipient may give are great, but chances are you are okay if you don’t get any of those things this week or ever.

There’s such a simple yet amazing pleasure to being needed and being of help.

The greatest gift of all is knowing you’ve contributed to something larger than yourself. It affirms your own life, and made the world a better place.

There are many ways to honor your creative spirit. Do at least one, do them all, what matters is that you do them.