In the last 2 weeks, it seemed that more than an average number of famous people died. Among them, the first female prime minister of Britain, the first indigenous American major prima ballerina, a socialite fashion designer, an improvisational comedy pioneer, an American movie critic, and a movie star who was one of the original Mouseketeers.

The broadcast media remembered those famous people for a few minutes. It’s a little sad and scary to think that anyone’s whole life can be summed up in a video montage lasting just a few seconds, isn’t it? When we die, all that’s left is our belongings, our online presence, what the living remember of us, and what the living choose to share with younger generations about us.

It’s worth noticing that living a life that you can “live with” is the most important thing you can do, in your relationship with yourself. I deliberately haven’t mentioned those famous people’s  names. Do you know who they are just by those references? ‘Without checking Wikipedia’s recent deaths list? I am not saying you are obligated to know them. I am curious that, if you left the planet tomorrow, how would you want people to remember you? How do each of us want to be remembered, and how can that make better decisions about the life we have right now?

It’s really convenient to give in to our generation’s group mentality, do what we’ve been told, just do our jobs, meet family expectations, or follow some other ‘script’ we’ve been handed. While that’s the safe and rational decision at the time, in 60-80 years, it’s highly doubtful that anyone will remember you or me for going out of our way to blend in and follow all the prescribed rules.

The only person who really knows what each one of us is capable of is ourselves. Are we listening to that inner voice, or pretending we didn’t hear it?

No one will ever know us, judge us, or remember us, for ideas or dreams we never pursued in reality.

‘Are we okay with that? ‘More importantly, will we still be okay with that, years from now?

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