I had the pleasure of interviewing a chef/restaurateur just before Christmas. He said that one of the things he loves about the field of food is that there is always more to discover; you will never know everything, even if you study it your whole life.

I feel the same way about words, stories, and language. Especially an ever-expanding language like English. Terms, slang, accepted usage, all three are in flux. There are rules, but they aren’t the hard and fast variety.

In 2012, I started working independently. 

I launched two twitters–BakingKookys and Currying_Favor. BakingKookys is about baking and food news. Currying_Favor is about communication, word puns and other word humor. I haven’t written a companion blog piece to every Currying Favor twitter. But I’m thinking this year I might. 

Two blogs, BakingKookys and KathleenWCurry. Again, the first is food focused, the second is words and communication focused. Sometimes I think of topics that cover both areas, and I dont know which blog should get the post. This year I am tempted to put it on both blogs, just a few days apart.

For samples, exposure and notoreity, I also wrote for 2 Charleston area food magazines–Eat This Charleston and Wiser Time Publishing’s West Of and James Island Messenger. Total stories written and published: 14

I also started researching for a cookbook I want to produce. It’s really easy to keep researching, overanalyzing that you’re not there yet, instead of making final decisions and produce the thing. It’s not the Declaration of Independence.

In 2012 my family moved to the west side of Charleston. 

For 2013, I want to be a lot more prolific. I have a lot of ideas, but that’s not evident in the post volume–I was very selective about what I wrote about and even more selective about hitting that green “PUBLISH” button on my screen. In 2013, caution is being thrown–no, hurled–to the wind.

For 2013, I want to read more old-school, printed books. I think the hardest thing is giving yourself permission, putting off housework staring you in the face, and disconnecting from technology. 

For 2013, I want to get out and walk more. We have a really pretty lake right outside our door and we aren’t taking advantage of it. 

For 2013, I want to finish my book and self-publish it.

For 2013, I want to donate time and talent to charities in my community. Which if you noticed is baking, writing, cooking, drawing, crafting, painting… 




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