DECEMBER 17, 2012

I was thinking about the term “at-risk” in light of recent events.

The term “at-risk” usually pertains to children growing up in dangerous neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are poor, the homes are old and in need of repair, and they are often riddled by crime, like a fierce drug trade. No child in America should have to grow up this way, but for many parents, this is all they can afford.

The truth of the matter is, though, all children are at-risk if they aren’t getting what they need. And that puts all of us at-risk, doesn’t it? Not to mention our future?

Our country is at-risk and has no future if we don’t take our children’s and our people’s quality of life more seriously and from a place of respect. We don’t need Nostradamus or a Mayan calendar to predict that.

 We can do SO much better. Really.



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