21st Century Blues

    What does it take to nurture a family, friend, or romantic relationship in the 21st century?

This might seem like an odd topic for this blog, more psychology than grammar and vocabulary, but it has a core theme of communication. And communication is what ties us all together. 

I decided on a list of queries, instead of a lot of scattered thoughts across paragraphs, with no real tight closure statement. 

  • Do you have a keyboard based job and a long history of much-criticized penmanship? Did you even go to a public school where they taught penmanship?
  • Is managing your offline life via keyboard just more convenient? Does convenience peacefully coexist with relationship quality?
  • Do you let social media do a lot of the connection work rather than write a letter or make a phone call? If so, do you “like” their posts, do you post stuff on their wall that’s relevant to their tastes? do you buy them virtual gifts? do you text them about every thought you have? Do they remember that you did these things? Should you or they even be keeping track?
  • Do you have an extensive “friends” list, but only 6-10 of those people really interact with you on a daily basis, online or otherwise? Do you feel like any of those people would help with a flat tire or other unforeseen life crisis? Do you have their number or any other contact outside a computer? Social media calls them friends, but do you?
    • Do you get frustrated when people read only the first line of an email that is only 3-5 lines to start with? Or is that to be expected once twitter came along? Do you wish all emails were only a twit long?
    • Do you get frustrated with the acquired ADD all adults seem to have when balancing work, family, extended family, children, marriage or partnership? 
    • Do you feel having a media-free, undivided attention, one-on-one conversation is a lost art form? Or do you not see what all the fuss is about? or have you already clicked over to another screen because this post is too long?