Is this debatable?

A friend of a friend was talking about the election online and it got me thinking about the whole process. We’re picking people to lead our country at the local, state, and federal level, but it’s a really old-fashioned, inefficient process. It’s amazing we put up with it and don’t demand better. 

We are a democratic republic and the most powerful country in the world. Um right? So why wouldn’t our election processes be as user-friendly and sleek as we expect our iPhones to be? Why does Apple have dynamic product launch shows, with video and graphics, while our candidates spew numbers and facts, no visual presentation highlighting this info or pointing out just where the hell it came from. You know, just in case the source was their buttocks, emerging mere seconds ago in a poof of genius. Or its pure crap off Fox news, or a far right or left wing blog.

Apparently one side is miffed at the fact checkers doing their work in the hours and days following a debate. That level of arrogance is astounding to me. If you are running for office, have respect for the voter. Don’t lie. Do tell me what your plans are in detail if you expect to get the job. I’ve been in Starbucks while they interview baristas. Managers ask “tough call” questions to gauge decision-making abilities and determining whether someone is a good fit. If a minimum wage employee is subjected to this level of scrutiny, why shouldnt the federal executive branch be given at least that much pressure, if not more? 

In an office environment, it’s rare if not impossible to give a presentation without powerpoint. But when was the last time you saw a presidential debate with visual aids? I think the last candidate I recall using them was Ross Perot.


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