Winning. Sometimes it seems it’s all Americans care about. Maybe that’s a consequence that is inevitable in any capitalistic country. The rich, the attractive, end up being worshipped like gods or at least idols. 

Why else would they jump back and forth between the same old two parties for years like those are the only two options out there? 

I try to watch the debate and my head just spins from all the throwing around numbers and percentages. The so-called winner last night, Mitt Romney. He had an answer for everything and was doing some awfully out of character pandering to the middle class. He never cared about the middle class at Bain, in the last 8 months, or even last week. Changes like this are why he’s nicknamed “Etch a Sketch”–he will say ANYTHING to appeal to a crowd, but don’t expect that same rhetoric next week when he’s pandering to a different crowd. And he doesn’t disclose details about what the hell he’s actually going to do if elected. His running mate doesn’t either: I don’t have time to go into  

He might have won the debate by being the chattiest, and making it appear that he was moderating and setting the pace more than the Lehrer or Obama. But this doesn’t make him a winner at all. 


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