It Goes Without Saying and Silence is Golden

‘It goes without saying’ is one of those cliche phrases that needs to die. There is way too much ignorance and arrogance in the world, you have to state the obvious even when it seems redundant to do so. ‘Especially if your country, like mine, has dropped the ball on public education for decades. Obvious doesn’t exist because there’s no such thing as something you can assume everyone knows anymore, there is no ‘common sense’ among the common population.


And whoever said ‘silence is golden’ misspoke. I really hope they meant general quiet, or tranquility, but not human silence. If you are generally quiet, you probably want to think it’s for the best if you say nothing and avoid drama; however, you invite misunderstanding by default. The people you’re dealing with assume you agree with them, or you just don’t care. Either way, they find some way to fill in words you never said for you so they can move on with whatever they wanted to do in the first place. Did they honestly care what you thought? Would it have changed anything? Most likely, no.

Because I am an introverted, contemplative, reflective, thinking person, I know I haven’t covered all the bases and situations with this post. I kept it concise and to the point. It wasn’t meant to be the last word for all quiet people everywhere though. It was mean to be a start. 





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