Denali and Denial

“Rita told me it’s like her dyslexia coach always used to say, Denali isn’t just a mountain in Alaska….”#currying_favor

Today’s post on twitter is a play on words. 

Denali is the indigenous name for Mt. McKinley in Alaska.  This post is a spoof on the old joke “denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”. This cliche phrase was frequently used by self-esteem coach, Stuart Smalley. Smalley was a character played by Al Franken on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s.

Of course, “the Nile” is a major river in Egypt. It’s American slang to say “de, da, du” instead of the article “the”. This grammar issue was used  frequently in another SNL skit by four Chicago men discussing their favorite teams, “Da Bears” and “Da Bulls”. 

Rita doesn’t really exist, like all my other twits, the names used are fictitious. Each twit is a story in one sentence, in addition to being a word pun. 

I honestly mean no offense to actual dyslexics with this post. For those that don’t know, it’s a problem with reading because as you glance at the words, the letters are switching places, appear backwards, or both.

If you have similar difficulty, but with numbers, it’s called “dyscalculia”.

‘Being a wordgeek, I hated math growing up. I don’t know if my problem was dyscalculia or just general boredom and frustration with what didn’t come easy. I depend on calculators the way some people depend on spell-check. One of these days I will pick up Danica McKellar’s math books for non-math types, and realize it really wasn’t so bad after all…



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