Hey Jealousy, and a new blog from Kathleen W Curry…

July 12, 2012

I read something over a year ago that stuck with me, and it seemed a good kickoff theme for my first post here.

“I try to see a movie a week. Nothing gets me more charged up than jealousy of another person’s genius—it’s incredibly stimulating and makes me feel supercompetitive.” —Mindy Kaling, O magazine 2/2011

I liked that Mindy shared jealousy as a creative boon because it was refreshing to hear a woman say that. She is Kelly Kapoor on the Office; she’s also written and directed several episodes of the show.

A popular stereotypical situation for women in movies and reality TV is we’re ‘all crazy bitches out to tear each other’s eyes out’. I dont think it’s schmaltzy, romcom, or “Christians-only” territory to show women working together, being inspired by each other, a healthy rivalry partnership that doesnt turn lethal or get wrecked by some guy, girl, or other third party.

You know who I always envied in a good way? Carrie Bradshaw. Not the shoes, not the clothes, not the sex, not the city. It was that she got to write about relationships in all their complexities for a living. What an awesome job, and she wasn’t a psychologist or a social worker.

This blog, unlike other ones, will focus specifically on communications, words, language, relationships, advertising, graphic design, media, culture, and issues that come up related to these. It has a companion twitter account at Currying_favor.


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